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Our Community

We are a religious community which is bound together by our common commitment to Our Lord Jesus Christ in prayer and good works, the Rule of St. Benedict, and our Customary and Constitutions.  Members minister in their local communities according to their gifts and calling  under the guidance of the Community with a particular emphasis on Parish Ministry.  We have periodic community retreats to which all members are strongly encouraged to participate.  

Brothers of the Community are Consecrated Religious bound to single, celibate life and profess the traditional Benedictine Vows of Stability, Conversatio (conversion of life), and Obedience.  Brothers are required to pray the Divine Office each day, and  to contribute from their monthly earnings a portion to the parish in which they live and minister.


The vocation to Oblate Life has through the ages been an important and distinct expression of the Religious Life in Benedictine Communities, and so it is with us.  Oblate members are male, female, single, married, lay and ordained.   Oblates are  partners in Community with the vowed Brothers.

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